The Cranleigh Village Hospital League of Friends is pleased to announce an update on what has been progressing ‘behind the scenes’ over that last few years. 

The function of the League of Friends (‘LOF’)is primarily to act as a Charity to support the Cranleigh Village Hospital by continually updating equipment and by providing those comforts which make a hospital visit more agreeable to patients. Since the hospital lost its inpatient beds there has been a drive to maximise the use and services available to local residents at the Village Hospital so that local people can have outpatient medical services on their doorstep and avoid the need to go to the Royal Surrey County Hospital at Guildford. 

Over the last few years these services have really expanded. : 

1.    The Consultant Outpatient services - We now have many Guildford Consultants coming down to the Village Hospital to provide outpatient clinics for referral and follow ups. This service is increasingly expanding and we now have clinics related to Cardiology, Diabetes, Respiratory medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Rheumatology and Pain management.

2.    Musculoskeletal splint service - the LOF has recently funded a new stock of splints, braces and boots allowing the orthopaedic department now to offer fracture clinic referrals and follow ups and also allowing the Ultrasound departments to increase the variety of injections they can provide.

3.    Radiology services - the major recent investment in the Village Hospital by the LOF was the setting up of the new Radiology department with ‘state of the art’ latest technology X-ray machine (more modern that those at RSCH !) with digital  images and rapid radiologist reporting. This service has not been available at Cranleigh Village Hospital and we are delighted to have this service back locally for residents of surrounding villages at a cost of £400,000 funded by the LOF.

4.    Ultrasound services – we now have several weekly sessions of ultrasound imaging mainly for musculoskeletal conditions together with Ultrasound guided injections by visiting Consultant Radiologists.

5.    Maternity unit - the LOF has assisted in funding a new Maternity unit being developed at the Village Hospital and which will open in the new few months. This is to provide local midwifery services to antenatal and postnatal mothers and will be a great boost to maternity and newborn services to local residents. A new unit for this is being developed within the Village Hospital grounds which the LOF is supporting.

6.    Physiotherapy services - the LOF is supporting the local Physiotherapy department to try to expand their services and improve efficiency.

There are several other projects in the pipeline but as you can imagine within the NHS these take time to develop and fund. However the League of Friends is strategically involved in many of these developments and is keen to see the Village Hospital thrive, develop, expand and improve services locally for local people.




April 2020 - The grant of £25,000 to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care at Home scheme was renewed for another year. This will benefit patients in Cranleigh and Ewhurst.

January 2020 - The  new stock of splints, braces and boots has arrived which allows the orthopaedic department to offer fracture clinic referrals and follow ups and also allows the Ultrasound departments to increase the variety of injections they can provide.